Actionable Results to Improve Your Board.

TBI reports enable boards to make better decisions and take action to improve their performance.

Our detailed analysis and composite scores highlight the areas that your board should focus on now and in the future. Reports provide a clear indication of where opportunities for your board to succeed lie – from the perspective of its structure, policies, and practices. Further, over time you can track your progress both internally and against external board benchmarks. TBI’s reports are objective, independent, informative, comprehensive and secure.

Every TBI report is available, at the board’s discretion, both online and via hard copy, and includes:

  • A summary and explanation of the overall score, and scores for each section.
  • The five highest scored questions
  • The five lowest scored questions
  • The five questions with the widest variation in responses.
  • For each question: the mean response, the range of responses, and the standard deviation of the responses.
  • Detailed Analysis of each question, user comments, and best practices for improvement.
  • Anonymous Responses to Comment Questions – capturing any critical areas that may not have been covered in the targeted questions and to provide additional feedback for your discussions.

The best way to think of the report is as a reference point in your board’s ongoing process of self-improvement and a critical risk management aid. The basic question that is being analyzed is “are we effective and adding value to our company?” Thus, the report provides an analysis of key board and committee metrics as well as what the directors themselves (along with invited respondents) believe the board could improve upon. The results provide a roadmap for discussion.

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