You can Build a Better Board

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A board can make or break your business. Using the industry’s first and only accredited web-based solutions for board education and board evaluation, The Board Institute’s validated tools are proven to improve the effectiveness of your board, your committees, and your company.

Your better board is just a few clicks away.

Applying New Thinking to the Board Evaluation Process

The Board Institute provides directors with independent, world-class evaluation tools to assess, enhance, educate and benchmark the effectiveness of their boards, committees, and directors. As a director, you must be able to assess your board’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities based on a valid industry standard.

Created in collaboration with the leading market experts in evaluation, survey research and board governance, our scientific, accredited and comprehensive solutions will provide you with a clearer understanding of how your board is performing, will enhance your entire evaluation process, deliver targeted education, and ultimately lead to improved corporate governance and better financial results.


We understand the risks faced by board members. Those who ignore best practices for effective board management do so at their peril. Those who improve their boards will reap the rewards of higher performance.

We provide a diagnostic system to help directors stay current, identify priorities, and benchmark the effectiveness of your board. Now, you can fulfill assessment and director education mandates with a single, easy to use, independent, web-based solution.

Let us show you how.


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