World-class boards and committees lead to world-class results.

In order to make a board more effective, to make it truly excellent, its directors must be able to assess its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities based on a valid industry standard. We understand the risks faced by board members. Governance is under the microscope; those that choose to ignore best practices for effective board management do so at their peril.

Conversely, those that strive to improve their boards will reap the rewards of higher performance.

Better Informed & More Engaged Board Members

  • TBI’s solutions are comprehensive, yet they save time and are easy to use – to accommodate Directors’ schedules.
  • TBI’s expertise and proactive approach help you recognize and respond to emerging regulations and good practices.
  • Because evaluations are self-directed and readily customized, directors take ownership of the results.

Reduced Risk

  • Comprehensive, objective evaluations help your organization recognize strengths and avoid mistakes.
  • TBI evaluations may reduce the chance for litigation.
  • TBI’s indexes position users for enhanced D & O insurance policies and reduced premiums.
  • The security and efficacy of the software are independently validated

Better Decision-making

  • TBI’s comprehensive evaluation tools uncover “blind-spots.
  • TBI evaluations are methodologically and scientifically sound and reliable.
  • TBI’s solutions enhance communications among board members and management.
  • TBI’s tools enable year-to-year and peer benchmarking.
  • TBI’s tools are designed to be facilitated in-house or by a consultant or attorney of your choosing

Improve Corporate Results

  • TBI enables directors to proactively manage change, seize opportunities, and support management.
  • TBI’s indexes act as a catalyst to address big issues and critical problems.
  • Internal and external benchmarking provide a means to measure and drive continual improvement.

Enhance Board Integrity – Restore Investor Confidence

  • TBI’s solutions promote accountability and transparency throughout your organization
  • Taking a proactive, world-class approach to managing your board will communicate that shareholder and stakeholder interests are paramount.
  • Reduce Administrative Burden
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Implement
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