“We work with boards to assist them with self-assessing their oversight activities, and we think the TBI suite of tools is a great enabler of that assessment process, which is best practices for boards.  We have been talking with TBI over the years about opportunities for collaboration.  In the TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter, we finally found a sweet spot of mutual interest that is highly relevant to board effectiveness.  We hope to see the TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter used extensively in the market place by directors to continuously refresh the conversation, so their board can make periodic improvements to strengthen its risk oversight process.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Jim DeLoach, Managing Director,

“I believe TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter(and it’s measurement) is critical.”

Paul L. Walker, Ph.D., CPA

“Our audit committee enjoyed the process; a valuable tool. Our independent auditors will use this to evaluate the committee going forward.”

– The Board of  

“Very efficient and picturesque…very nice product.”

-Mary Ann Jorgenson



“Great engine – I’m impressed. A lovely looking tool that delivers valuable data. For a number of years our Governance Committee has performed individual director evaluations. In looking for a third party facilitator of these evaluations we found the Board Institute to be a valuable resource. They provided independence and confidentiality which were an important part of the process. Additionally, we found the Board Index to be an easily used tool that allowed us to do an effective evaluation which in turn has led to better board awareness of best governance practices.”

“I really think that there’s an enormous market for your services within private companies that are just emerging from ‘patriarchal’ governance, usually as the third generation prepares to take over control. ‘Outside the family’ strategic thinking and best practices governance will become increasingly important for such companies.”

-Michael Almond

“I believe in the product immensely. There is no question that boards need a third party, legitimate, independent benchmark…”

-Terry Ashwill, former CFO, True North (NYSE), Ryder

“Comprehensive and easy-to-use; results were very informative. A great way to collect and organize the thoughts of the directors.”

– Dave Francis, General Counsel and Secretary of

“You have…absolutely the right approach.”

– Jerre Stead, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors,  

“Impressive tool!”

-Nick Unkovik

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