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“It can positively change the way our Board functions. It is easy to use and spurred many new ideas for utilizing my Board to the fullest extent and engaging the board in a more active role.”

– Trish Gulbranson, Former CEO

Western Alliance Bank

I extend my thanks and gratitude to The Board Institute and its Risk Oversight Meter, you were very valuable to us. … We engaged The Board Institute to utilize the Board Risk Oversight Meter in an effort to identify improvement opportunities. … Our Risk Meter assessment was conducted in a timeframe to coincide with the development of the Bank’s strategic plan. We also establish an annual ERM strategic plan. The Risk Oversight Meter helped us identify an additional 20 action items to include in our 2019 ERM strategic plan. That is a great payoff for our committee, not to mention the help it provided in getting the outside directors to focus and work together on the common goal of making our ERM practices even better in the years to come. Thanks to The Board Institute and it’s Protiviti Risk Oversight Meter, much appreciated.”

Howard Gould, Director

Overland Storage

“The Audit Committee Index report identified an area of disparity and created and enabled discussion by the board members in an area that would have otherwise not been raised. We intend to do this again next year..”

Vern LaForti, Former CEO

South Carolina Bank and Trust

“Great engine – I’m impressed. A lovely looking tool that delivers valuable data. For a number of years, our Governance Committee has performed individual director evaluations. In looking for a third party facilitator of these evaluations we found the Board Institute to be a valuable resource. They provided independence and confidentiality which were an important part of the process. Additionally, we found the Board Index to be an easily used tool that allowed us to do an effective evaluation which in turn has led to better board awareness of best governance practices.”

– Board of Directors

Pacific Biomarkers

“The Board Institute software, with its well-thought-out questions and comments, was particularly useful in assisting us by providing a roadmap to travel toward “best practices.” Alternative methods such as reading books, articles, and legal treatises, as well as engaging so-called experts, seemed to us to be an inferior way to move toward “best practices.” These alternative methods: a) would not enable us to be directly engaged in the process (thus have ownership), and b) would be quickly out-of-date. With the software, we were able to get immediate response and knew that with every change in the corporate environment, the critical issues would be included in the updated program. … Unless pushed by some outside force, “board introspection” does not usually occur. Board members are usually hesitant to criticize the overall board, themselves or their fellow directors. Yet, the only way to improve overall Board performance is to continuously monitor board activities, as well as be open to criticism and change. The Board Institute software allows the Board to carry out this very difficult and emotionally charged process of critique and change in an objective environment.”

– Pacific Biomarkers, Inc.

St John's University Enterprise Risk Management

“I believe TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter (and it’s measurement) is critical.”

Paul L. Walker, Ph.D., CPA Schiro / Zurich Chair in Enterprise Risk Management

IHS Markit

“You have…absolutely the right approach.”

– Jerre Stead, Former CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Squire Sanders

“Very efficient and picturesque…very nice product.”

-Mary Ann Jorgenson, Former Partner


“Comprehensive and easy-to-use; results were very informative. A great way to collect and organize the thoughts of the directors.”

– Dave Francis, General Counsel and Secretary

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