Product Overview

Applying new thinking to the board evaluation process

The Board Institute provides directors with independent, world-class evaluation tools to assess, enhance, educate and benchmark the effectiveness of their boards, committees and directors.

A clearer understanding of how your board is performing will enhance your entire evaluation process, which ultimately leads to improved corporate governance and better financial results.

Our solutions are scientific, accredited, comprehensive and educational. And our content has been created in collaboration with market experts in evaluation, survey research and board governance.

Learn more about our board evaluation tools. Take our guided tour or contact us for a demonstration:

The Board Index – Assess and enhance the effectiveness of your board. >> More

The Audit Committee Index – Improve the performance, structure and composition of this critical committee. >> More

The Compensation Committee Index – Compensation is under the microscope, make sure your committee is effective. >> More

The Governance Committee Index – Manage this critical and scrutinized committee, proactively and objectively. >> More

TBI/Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter –Assess, improve and benchmark the effectiveness of your risk oversight processes. >> More

The Director Index – Make sure your directors are fully engaged, and as productive as possible. >> More

The Fiduciary Board Index Module – Moving Beyond Compliance & Checkboxes. >> More

The Norwegian Board Index – The Norwegian Board Index is in Norwegian, partnered with Visindi, Norway. Assess and enhance the effectiveness of your Norwegian board.  >> More

Methodology & Reporting – Learn more about the scientific, validated, actionable, educational and fast results we provide with each of our board evaluation tools. >> More

Side-By-Side Comparison –Compare TBI’s board evaluation tools with other approaches. >> More