April 12, 2016

Crucial Director Recruitment Tips for the Modern, Global Board

Bloomberg DNA – Corporate Law & Accountability Report™ – Read full article here. 
October 2, 2015

The Case for Global Boards

“Why do strategic global boards matter?”…    “What advantages does your company realize from them?… Read the article written by Susan F. Shultz, Founder of The Board […]
March 11, 2015

“Positioning Yourself for Corporate Board Seats”

Susan Shultz will be on the panel moderating at the Advanced Leadership Breakfast hosted by the Black Board of Directors Project on April 2nd.  The breakfast, at […]
December 2, 2014

Getting on Board: Three Action Steps

By Susan F. Shultz and Robert Barker Directors and Boards Magazine, December 2014 E-briefing Call it the boardroom Catch-22: It’s difficult to get on a board […]
October 27, 2014

ISS QuickScore is Back and Adds Performance Evaluations

Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which issues proxy research and vote recommendations on approximately 39,000 companies in 115 countries each year, has recognized the importance of performance […]
October 22, 2014

Best Practice and Trends for Investment Services Boards of Directors

Presentation by Susan Shultz, CEO, The Board Institute: “Enhancing the role of the CBIS boards – Best Practice and Trends for investment services boards of directors” […]
August 6, 2014

Where are the Women Directors?

Too many boards have been a sort of part-time gentlemen’s club for giving company affairs a quick once over and getting on to the golf course and collecting a check.
August 5, 2014

Time to Take Fiduciary Inventory ©

The last five years have witnessed many changes in the retirement plan fiduciary landscape, perhaps more than in any five year period since the enactment of […]
May 19, 2014

Getting on board

Call it the boardroom Catch-22: It’s difficult to get on a board if you don’t have board experience. But, you can’t get the experience without your first board seat. The solution? If you’re really serious about getting on a board, create a strategy and be prepared to do the homework. Getting on board is like getting a job. Here are the steps.
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