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The Board Institute improves boards of directors and corporate governance through our suite of world-class, web-based, validated tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the board, the committees, and the individual directors in public and private companies.  It is the first and only, accredited web-based solution for board education and board evaluation.  By serving as a risk filter and validating the board to the shareholders, use of The Board Institute’s Indices enhances the value of the organization.  Good boards are critical to long-term corporate success and shareholder value.

Respondents to the easy to use, online Index questionnaires and resulting reports include the board members and, at their discretion, all those who work with the board. Our services are offered as an annual subscription, which includes an unlimited number of respondents, full support, and the ability to access our information and reuse the Index over the course of the annual subscription period.  For each question, the score, range, mean, best practice, regulation and laws and anonymous comments are compiled. The Board Institute’s comprehensive, actionable and objective tools enable directors to respond to and benchmark governance, regulatory and stock exchange mandates and board best practices in order to continuously improve and inform the board.  If the board wishes, the independent Indices/ tools may be used in cooperation with consultants to help create and monitor an action plan.


Better decision-making leads to higher company performance.

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TBI's results provide a decision support system for directors.

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The Board BookThe Board Book

Boards of directors can spell the difference between success and failure. Great boards mean great companies. Learn how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes and create a strategic force in your company’s success.


Featured Testimonials

  • "Ah! It seems only yesterday that your purpose and your vision brought this work to life. Congratulations indeed Susan!"
    Betsy Sanders
  • “The Audit Committee Index® report identified an area of disparity and created and enabled discussion by the board members in an area that would have otherwise not been raised.  We intend to do this again next year.  It was really a wonderful tool for us”

    Vern LaForti, CFO, Overland Storage
  • “The Board Book” is a brilliant text on the strategic board. I continue to refer to the text book on a regular basis. Thank you for writing this book. If you other books you have authored, please let me know.
    Steve Dukes
  • “You have…absolutely the right approach.
    Jerre Stead, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors