The Board Institute Partners with CyberVista

Featured Speaker, Susan Shultz, at New York’s Conference Board
June 14, 2017
Can Your Board Handle A Cyber Crisis?
August 25, 2017

As you may recall, we recently released TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter to help boards appropriately understand and oversee the tremendous risks facing our corporations today.

To further address the looming risk of cyber crises and realizing that only 8% of directors are satisfied with their readiness to respond to a cyber crisis, we have partnered with CyberVista to provide additional expertise in this critical arena.

We are offering our friends a discounted subscription to TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter, until October 15.  We welcome your participation and your thoughts.





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The Board Institute Partners with CyberVista


PHOENIX, AZ and WASHINGTON, D.C.–August 1, 2017 – The Board Institute, Inc. (TBI), the premier web-based, board evaluation solution group, has partnered with CyberVista, a leading cybersecurity training and workforce development company.

“We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious cyber security education partner, “ said Susan F. Shultz, founder and CEO of The Board Institute. “In addition to leveraging our mutual markets and complementary offerings, we will add cyber risk content to TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter™ and other relevant TBI evaluation tools to enable boards of directors to assess and improve the effectiveness of their cyber risk oversight processes. Cyber risk is a massive enterprise risk issue that can trigger severe liability to directors and officers due to breach of fiduciary duties of loyalty and good faith. With the recent addition of TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter, boards can now benchmark and validate their risk oversight process. TBI has recognized the escalating risk threats facing all directors and now ensures that an additional layer of cyber content is included.”

“With board oversight being a necessity, we are pleased to partner with TBI to add cyber risk content to the TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter™,” said Amjed Saffarini, CEO of CyberVista. “As an education company, we bring a unique and unbiased perspective to cyber risk training. We are dedicated to ensuring boards have the knowledge and tools to make cybersecurity-related business decisions.”

According to Ponemon’s 2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average U.S. data breach costs a company $7.35 million. With the global cost of cybercrime forecasted to reach $2.1 trillion by 2019, corporate leaders must understand how to govern this growing area of risk. Yet, only 14% of NACD 2016 survey respondents believe their boards have a high level of understanding of the risks associated with inadequate cybersecurity. By expanding cyber content in TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter and other professional, state of the art TBI evaluation solutions, boards now have the tools they need to address the soaring demand for risk accountability. As U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellon said recently, “I’m going to be focusing on risk and board oversight.”[1]


About The Board Institute

The Board Institute’s customizable, easy to use, web-based evaluation and educational tools are developed in cooperation with leading governance experts and select partners, including the founder of 360o Feedback, the Foundation of Financial Executives Int’l, the Society for Governance Professionals, and Protiviti. Board evaluation Indexes include The Board Index™, The Audit Committee Index™, The Compensation Committee Index™, The Governance Committee Index™, The Director Index™, TBI Protiviti Board Risk Oversight Meter™, The Fiduciary Board Index™, and The Norwegian Board Index™. Reports provide tallies, variances, ranges of responses, best practices, regulatory requirements and anonymous comments and benchmarking. The Indexes can be administered in-house or with the help of consultants. Please visit or contact 480-998-1081 or


About CyberVista
CyberVista is a cybersecurity training and workforce development company whose mission is to create a cyber-ready workforce through personalized training programs that provide organizations with the people, knowledge and skills required to defend their most critical assets. With parent Graham Holdings Company and sister company Kaplan, Inc.’s innovative education technologies and personalized approach to learning, CyberVista offers a new vision for board, executive, and workforce cybersecurity education. For more information, please visit, email, or call 844-558-4782.




[1] Source: Transcript of Chair Janet Yellen’s September 21, 2016, press conference at

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